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"Light and product" for the positioning of the American high-end fashion brand Michael Kors, Cheap Michael Kors are not only have a style of one's own brand style, but also in the marketing way also with conventional luxury brand is different. Social media has been the MK attaches great importance to marketing channels, in its global marketing input, digital marketing occupy a very large proportion. It is the excellent performance of MK in social media, which is social media analytics firm Starcount named the 2013 social media on the top fashion brand, and even beat Burberry,Michael Kors Handbags and other strong competitors. As with most use social media to fashion brand, MK in the content of intensive and meticulous farming, actively advocated UGC (User Generated Content, user generated content), at the same time, it also has some unique features.
1, extend the social function of the platform, let social more interesting
If Michael Kors Factory Outlet fans have a look brand released new information, matching techniques, fashion information only in the social networking platform, and then praise, comment, share, if things go on like this will make people tired. In understanding that more and more even the vast majority of users through the mobile terminal login Facebook, Cheap Michael Kors decided to Facebook mobile phone client and app were grafted, extending social platform.
The campaign name "What She Wants" is michael kors outlet during the period from 2012 mother's Day launched by providing create new styles, mother's Day gift for girls to increase brand visibility and purchase rate. In this activity, the michael kors outlet will focus on mobile terminal, catering to a lot like use of mobile phone consumers, enhance the participation activities. During the activity, the login Facebook to view the MK page users will pay attention to activities that, as long as the light can log on to the app view, buy or win MK to prepare the gift for mother's day. At the same time, convenient link activity app and michael kors outlet online electronic business website also improves buy conversion rate.
In fact, this mother's Day activities, the content is very simple, no good idea. But one thing is certain, MK outlet can insight into consumer media habits, according to their needs in the specific time, in a new and simple way with the target consumers of effective dialogue.
2, do the first person to eat crabs, dare to try new approaches of social marketing
In Levi 'Instagram s as an example to demonstrate how advertising works, michael kors handbags is filled with the anticipation, itch for a try. Shortly after, MK released the first Instagram ad it in November 1, 2013, and became the first to publish ads on Instagram brand.
According to the specialty of Nitrogram Instagram platform monitoring and analysis, the advertising and achieved good results. Data display, the display michael kors purses watch advertising brings 33000 new fans for the brand, the advertisement picture itself in 18 hours also harvested 218000 praise, this ratio MK usually released pictures of goods by more than 370% points. Of course, high praise rate does not mean that all people are happy to see this form of advertising. 20% comments showed obvious resentment, only a few people expressed support, while the 1% comments show a clear tendency to buy.
Although Instagram advertising remains to be verified, MK will continue from the social benefit of new forms of marketing also is unknown, but michael kors factory outlet bold and become the first person to eat crabs, enough to see the social media attention and intentions.
The following is the monitoring data of Nitrogram at the time the michael kors outlet release of Instagram advertising:
3, down to earth, to social media as the pioneer new markets
MK in the China market promotion, continue to use social media in an important position in. As michael kors handbags outlet network promotion and customer relationship management Chinese manager Ling Jia said, "social media is the first step in our layout". The first MK store opened in Beijing, michael kors watches on sale and street network of cooperation, launched in win prizes of activities, and linkage with the Sina micro-blog and bean. At the same time, michael kors outlet online in Sina micro-blog on "JetSetter warrants", called for consumers to get "flies around the world enjoy life friend", let michael kors womens watches advocate free and straightforward way of life win support among the people.
Compared with the foreign social media performance, using michael kors watches for women to Chinese social media is still in the initial stage, the micro-blog, using other social networking platform remains to be mining.

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